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Being a leading Construction Company in Bahria Town, Hallmark Builders offers a full range of construction services and investment management. We have built a diverse series of residential and commercial projects, encompassing a high quality and magnificent lifestyle value. At Hallmark Builders, we don’t just make a building but positive relationships with clients, architects, engineers, sub-contractors, and suppliers.We are well-known for quality, trust, authenticity, durability, and high status when it comes to planning & developing Real Estate in Bahria Town. We’re building mega projects focusing on residential and commercial entities. Hallmark focuses on technological advancement in the construction industry has revolutionized the building structure all over the world. We proudly built and strengthened our position as a market leader in the building, construction, and real estate industry, by ensuring the best services with quality & exceptional standards to our valued customers.

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We Offer a Wide Range Of Residential, Commercial & Industrial Construction Services Including Architectural Design, Electrical & Mechanical Works. 

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We have launched and efficiently delivered innumerable residential and commercial real estate within the promised delivery period with a 100% success rate in Karachi.

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Hallmark Builders is a dynamic and progressive organization continuing a glorious legacy into a promising future. Find out the latest properties here:

Hallmark Builders
Hallmark Builders

Casa De Royale

Casa De Royale is situated at Jinnah Commercial.
The eighteen stories residential building has four apartments on each floor. The three side corner building with modern elevation makes it one of its kind in Bahria Town Karachi.
The building has a dual lift system, luxurious reception, security alarms, and cameras. Casa De Royale has unique interior designs, lavish bedrooms spacious tv lounge and balconies with breathtaking views.

Hallmark Heights

Hallmark Heights is situated near Bahria Heights

Hallmark Residency 1

Hallmark Residency 1 is situated in precinct 2 Quaid Commercial.

Hallmark Residency 2

Hallmark Residency 2 is situated in precinct 2 Quaid Commercial.

Trade Tower 1

Trade Tower 1 is situated in Midway Commercial B.

Trade Tower 2

Trade Tower 2 is situated in Midway Commercial B.


What We Do

At Hallmark Builders we pledge to meet the needs of our clients with the highest standard in service, quality, safety, and integrity. We continue to expand our operations to meet the needs of our clientele.